The esports report – Rocket League scores World Championship engagement record

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This week’s edition looks at Rocket League’s record-breaking World Championship viewership, as well as Faze Clan’s quarterly financial update. 

Rocket League breaks World Championship audience record

The 22/23 Rocket League World Championship has managed to break its previous record in terms of viewership. 

Official data from the tournament shows that the audience peaked at exactly 468,292 concurrent viewers, surpassing by a large margin the previous record set. 

The previous RLCS tournament that took place last year in Düsseldorf, Germany, peaked at 368,721 viewers during the competition’s semi-final match between esports teams Team Vitality and Karmine Corp. 

FazeClan reports net losses as it goes into Q3 

FaZe Clan has cited a challenging macroeconomic climate as it published losses in its official Q2’23 results ending June 30th. 

A total of $14.35m (£11.27m) have been reportedly lost by the esports company after registering a notable decrease in revenue and gross profit when pitted against last year results.

However, despite the recorded losses, FaZe Clan team members continue to blow away the esports scene by recently winning several esports titles across some of the most popular games at the moment. 

In a statement to shareholders, the organisation said: “In line with the overall macroeconomic climate, our current and prospective brand partners have experienced slower growth and higher business uncertainty in the first half of the year, leading to a much slower uptake in new sponsorships for FaZe.”

Valhallan opens new esports training centre in California  

Esports company Valhallan has unveiled its latest youth-oriented project by opening up a new competitive gaming training centre in Wake Forest, North Carolina. 

Thanks to its long-term expertise in the sector, Valhallan will provide students with a plethora of esports coaching programmes and a curriculum that players can use to enhance their gaming performance and life skills.

Furthermore, the facility will include coaching sessions on some of the biggest esports competitive titles such as VALOLARNT, Rocket League and Fortnite, all accessible through membership packages with four sessions per month. 

Valhallan is also in charge of the Valhallan Esports League that was established after the North American Esports League merged with the United Federation of Esports Athletes League. 

Germany sets out steps to develop local esports scene 

The esports sector in Germany is getting a revamp after the German Games Industry Association (GAME) outlined ten necessary points for the local industry’s success. 

By stating that it wants to see Germany as the leader in European esports, GAME provided its own framework on how it sees this being achieved. 

“Whether esport is a sport or not is not decisive,” the paper said. “At the same time, there needs to be more support for young talent and events in the states and local communities so that we in Germany can participate in this international phenomenon at a world level.”

Skyesports signs broadcasting deal with streaming platform Loco

India-based esports firm Skyesports has signed a deal with streaming platform Loco to help it broadcast its own esports tournaments. 

According to the deal, Loco is now the official broadcast partner of Skyesports Masters – the first franchised Skyesports CS:GO league. 

Shiva Nandy, Founder and CEO of Skyesports, commented: “The Skyesports Masters is a benchmark-setting event for Indian esports as it prioritises sustainability for all the eight partnered teams.

“We are thrilled to have onboarded Loco, the world’s leading independent esports and live game streaming platform, not only as the broadcasting partner but also as a sponsor for the teams competing in the event.”

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